Don’t you see there’s a place for everything?
You’re no less or no more than anyone.
There is more than enough Love to go around
& that your purpose is just a state of flow.
You were never forgotten.
You were never on the wrong path.
You were just without flow.
& To know you’re in your purpose is to know…
There was a special place made for everything.

The forbidden fruit

The forbidden fruit

Some people believe the way she is, is because she hates herself, but she loves herself more than they’ll ever know.

Men leave her saying “I can’t do this” as she’s laughing, hanging halfway off the bed.

Fool her once – she’ll make sure she finds a way you’ll never forget her name and she can forgive yours.

She knows the life oh too well, of being chained to the mattress by cigarettes, bad comedy and depression.

She’s a threat to the rules, because she’s a women who creates her own world wherever she goes.

With just a bat of her brown eyes she will drag you into the ower realms of existence and have you question all that you preach.

Dark, filthy and obsessive – She hides her wicked ways from the aloof and ones who can’t handle the truth.

To be apart of her world is to be one body and dance within all the shades of the universe.

She’s the teacher of romancing shadows and kissing your ghosts – or you shall become them.

Dance Where Fearless Love Exists

Dance Where Fearless Love Exists

I want to Dance where fearless love only exists.
I’m done with sailing fast into the future, creating illusions and expectations.
I’m drained by drifting back, haunting myself with the resonance of deep wounds.
Deep repetitive reminders, of the scars left in my heart, from the stabbings of past lovers.
So, I started to Dance with myself where fearless love only exists.

Remember, dear one, do not keep reliving your unconscious decisions.
We all fall prey to failing the present with our tired beliefs.
The worn-out reel of Projection, reaction and devilish delusions.
We all fall short, we all run, we all hide sometimes.
But I want you to join me and dance where fearless love only exists.

All you have to do is choose again, choose love over fear.
Breathe through the feelings of all the unknown.
Let’s gey lost, be with me here, in the ever-unfolding Now.
We belong where the wild souls sway and swing.
So, babe, will you take a chance and risk it all and do this daringly dance with me?

Meet me in the abyss where fearless love only exists.

Loves Coven

Loves Coven

There’s a shelter within my heart space that I’ve built for you.
It has a strong foundation built on self-love, balance and which has no doors.
You are free to come at any time and free to leave as you please, the only requirement for admission is that your shelter also has no doors.
Let us respect our sacred spaces, by removing our shoes when entering and by leaving each other’s hearts better than when we arrived.
know I am always here for you, without conditions, without doors.
For I know whatever is real cannot be trapped, behind closed doors of control, because fear is the ice that dulls a flame.
I long for Love that is breezy and that is as cool and free as the air we breathe.
It took many lessons and lifetimes to clear a space for our masculine and feminine energy to twist and twine in a sensual dance.
So I patiently sit quietly, but yet yearn, to flow freely throughout each other’s sacred shelters.

You Are A Someone.

You Are A Someone.

You are the sum of everyone and an individual of The One
A holographic image, an illusion, only appearing separate from The One
You are the sum of the Stars and the Moons thoughout all the Galaxies, reflected back as One
There is no space and time between you and the rest of The One, only matter and Love
And what only matters is, We are from the same source of Love and You are a Someone

Beautiful little Contradictions.

Within the web of our makeup

we cross paths with our layers

New and Old

we create contradictions

With the old and new

Evolving, involves crossing those paths

creating new strings to tie and grow

we are a web of beautiful little contradictions all tied into one.

Never doubt your validity because of your contradictions

you are simply outgrowing the old and expanding to the new

Sowing the new path into the space unknown takes courage

Courage is more favorable than stale ideas and beliefs

Weave your web with diamonds that sparkle

That shine your highest truest self, for all to see

Be the You, You were meant to be, in all you do

I see me and you see you, in all we do

For we are connected in the larger web

The web of Life, the web of Consciousness

From the same light, from the sparkle, of that diamond

From the same flow and space 

We are all made of beautiful little contradictions from the ever-evolving