The Connection Hunger

The Connection Hunger

I’m not over life, I’m just over this new normal.

I crave touching hands and feeling your softened calluses.

I crave the fling in my chest from the base of your voice.

I crave the silk touch of your newly grown out hair.

I crave the electric presence of your energy next to mine.

I crave how time can melt away when we’re in our wholeness.

I crave taking off this mask and feeling our human connection once again.

Exhausted Stardust

Exhausted Stardust

& what if even the exhaustion has its purpose.
To wear us down, to stop us from trying so hard.
To teach us to just be ourselves again.
Without the mask, without the chase to be loved or accepted.
& what if its purpose was to cause us pain.
To force us to give in and give up.
To surrender to something new and something better.
Maybe into how we were meant to live?
I think I’m in too deep and I must come back.
We must come back, come back to us and the flow of the Universe.
Things will be easier there, inflow and in harmony with our natural-cosmic-selves.

The uninspired

The uninspired

I long to be inspired once again, for this nihilistic perspective to melt away.

For the thawing of my woes, for my wings to soar, for thy cup to runneth over.

The ups and downs are hard to swallow, though life is a winding road in which I want to walk straight.

But what richness and ripeness would that bring to the taste of life?

The zip and zag, Push and pull duality allows me to appreciate the darkness behind the stars and the warmth in contrast to winter.

I pray to the sun that gives me life and I set my intention to be inspired once again.

Knowing the tide will always crash to the mercy of my feet, waiting in anticipation for you at the warm shoreline.

Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire

I had the devil whispering “you’re longing for his lust.”

Yet, my heart ached louder to be honoured.

As much as I miss the sonance of his voice.

His undeniable magnetic ways with words.

I know there’s an Emperor even more enchanting.

I hope his voice to be bold, warm and sweet.

His words like magic and so is he.

It’s not easy to stop staring at a flame.

But darling, there’s no room for wavering in this type of certainty .



Her head swirls with overwhelming thoughts of new creative endeavors.
Her mind like that of Vishnus’ arms, clawing at new ideas.
She is after all a creator and a lover.
She’s a multidimensional and multi-passionate Being.
However, scattered and lost, but always blessed.
She finds a wise woman kind enough to guide her back home.
The wise women reminding her how simple it all really is.
She then let’s go and feels the calm.
The flow enters her Heart once again.
Her Soul at ease, she can retreat back home to her passion and to Love.

Teaching Each Other How To Be Human Again.

In the silence of the night, when my child is asleep.
I question the actions of my day.
Did I speed through the tasks?
Did I show up present?
Did he notice I was on my phone?
How can I be better?
How can I be more like him?
Curious about life.
Curious about all the new words, sounds and imagery.
Patient to try new things and experience the next adventure.

How can I be more like my child, my best teacher.
We play both the role of teacher and student.
I teach him how to grow safely in this world of chaos.
He teaches me how to just Be again.
We need each other.
We all need each other.
One cannot do this dance alone.

Let our children teach us how to Love again without prejudice and judgment.
Without worthiness based upon followers and likes.
Let their sacred routines of play, eating and napping inspire us to do the same.
As we try to teach them to share, let us deepen that practice within ourselves as well.
Where have I been a hypocrite to my teachings for my own child?
How can I be better tomorrow?

There will be laughs and tantrums but all are equally beautiful, as we continue to learn and unlearn from each other.
I forgive myself for any mistakes today and know the morning sun will shine and us to will rise.
Then the night will fall and us too, to our beds.
I will reflect, always, how the same love in me, is the same love in him.
As we both teach each other how to be human again.

You Are A Someone.

You Are A Someone.

You are the sum of everyone and an individual of The One
A holographic image, an illusion, only appearing separate from The One
You are the sum of the Stars and the Moons thoughout all the Galaxies, reflected back as One
There is no space and time between you and the rest of The One, only matter and Love
And what only matters is, We are from the same source of Love and You are a Someone