The forbidden fruit

The forbidden fruit

Some people believe the way she is, is because she hates herself, but she loves herself more than they’ll ever know.

Men leave her saying “I can’t do this” as she’s laughing, hanging halfway off the bed.

Fool her once – she’ll make sure she finds a way you’ll never forget her name and she can forgive yours.

She knows the life oh too well, of being chained to the mattress by cigarettes, bad comedy and depression.

She’s a threat to the rules, because she’s a women who creates her own world wherever she goes.

With just a bat of her brown eyes she will drag you into the ower realms of existence and have you question all that you preach.

Dark, filthy and obsessive – She hides her wicked ways from the aloof and ones who can’t handle the truth.

To be apart of her world is to be one body and dance within all the shades of the universe.

She’s the teacher of romancing shadows and kissing your ghosts – or you shall become them.

Rain City

Rain City

They call it Rain City, a place made for souls who need cleansing.
With our repetitive stumbling, lingering loathing and confused wandering around the crown-top mountains.
The thunder mixed emotions and mirrored souls that ride the highs and lows with each person they encounter.
I continue to pray that the daily floods and potent currents will redirected us on our lost path.
With dry hands up towards the sky, we surrender and plea – she baptizes us back to purity with her holy tears.

the daisy chain

the daisy chain

Grown in the image of the Divine, plucked from the ground too early.

Ripped by their nails, a hole, woven into the unknown.

Chained to our fellows, we realized our pain is all the same.

There’s so much fear yet, united is our beauty.

We are the daisy crown for the future generations.

Together let’s pray – the young may stay wild and grow free.

Beautiful little Contradictions.

Within the web of our makeup

we cross paths with our layers

New and Old

we create contradictions

With the old and new

Evolving, involves crossing those paths

creating new strings to tie and grow

we are a web of beautiful little contradictions all tied into one.

Never doubt your validity because of your contradictions

you are simply outgrowing the old and expanding to the new

Sowing the new path into the space unknown takes courage

Courage is more favorable than stale ideas and beliefs

Weave your web with diamonds that sparkle

That shine your highest truest self, for all to see

Be the You, You were meant to be, in all you do

I see me and you see you, in all we do

For we are connected in the larger web

The web of Life, the web of Consciousness

From the same light, from the sparkle, of that diamond

From the same flow and space 

We are all made of beautiful little contradictions from the ever-evolving 





An Onslaught of Insects.

An Onslaught of Insects.

They came to me like insects drawn to a light bulb,
all in search of the same enlightenment

I knew the moment I heard their pleas, their powdered wings could not weather the storm

When the storm would hit, all their precious layers would melt to the ground

Back into the snub and rebuke of their true skeletons

The dust of their transparent wings were all too soft and all too fragile

For the journey that must be travelled, is through the eye of the needle

I smiled and nodded to their selfish disorders

I let them fly free, dimming my light momentarily

For I knew what was needed to be said was from Above and these Holy words could not be translated into a sermon for insects

They flew away, in hopes to suck the lifeblood of another lustrous star

Never knowing they had a light within them, buried too deep among the thick sludge of their own demons

A Cosmic Conspiracy.

A Cosmic Conspiracy.

Had I of known the picture I chose was done by an artist with your same last name.

Would then make me ponder our past.

Which would then lead me to write that poem about our downfall

Would then manifest you back into my reality.

I would have chosen a different picture.

But I pray that the picture was placed right in front of me, by a cosmic force.

A Cosmic Conspiracy, for the unfinished atonement.

The Baptism.

The Baptism.

We followed the bait to escape and ended up in the dooms of Hell.

Now grasping at anything to lead us back to Wholeness.

I pray to the Gods, to wash us clean of this mania and rage.

With my last straw, to save myself, I dunked my body into the silk salts of the Sea.

How did we get here, how did I get so hard…

When All I ever wanted was

to be


Photograph By Maddalena M.

Sometimes, We all Push Too Hard.

Sometimes, We all Push Too Hard.

Have you pushed too hard into what you thought was right? Only to flair with frustration.

This is your sign to halt and sit up straight.

Be the portal to all that is. Sit in the space of silence and hear Her whispers.

Take the words she so gracefully tingled into your senses and run to the wind.

Risk it all, for a chance at Joy.

You may lose all that you thought was right.

All though, in the end, you will find what’s truly real.

Being courageous will lead you back to your Soul.

So you decide, is it worth the gamble?

Or will you shrivel back into your shell, like a slug to salt.

Free Will allows you to stay seated in your rage.

Take the risk.

You can always return back to pushing.

Pushing against the current, that is trying to bring you home.

Art by James Nares titled “Change Up”

Age of The Circus.

Age of The Circus.

Behind the gate, the carnival looked lively and merry. Upon entering, It smelt sour.

It was easy to get lost between the gaps of the boisterous games and shows. Especially if your spine was as coiled as the colorful swirled candy prizes.

Some even disappeared and camouflaged into the scenery of carnies and the sticky cement ash ground, never to be seen again.

I, on the other hand, was straight and narrow.

I Stuck out like a tack, popping the balloons of whoever’s eyeballs dared to stare too long.

My brain temporarily melted into a mushy bubblegum as I walked through the chaos of adolescence Mimes and the overgrowth of Siamese twins.

I saw an exit sign and my drum skipped a beat.

My Soul yearned for a way out, almost as soon as I had re-entered the flames of hell again. My feet stuck to the vomit and sugar cane on the ground, I couldn’t move.

My life flashed before my eyes. I knew he would eat me alive, if I didn’t leave immediately.

The Sun was setting and everyone knows the ring leader comes out to play at dusk. He eats the flesh of the sleek and fresh.

I grabbed the bottle of hard and dumped it on my feet. It melted the glue away and my drum did a double beat.

I ran fast and jumped over the fence. On the patch of prickly sharp grass I laid awaken by the pokes.

There I promised myself, to never lick the temptations of the circus haste again.