Choosing to Be Present, During a Global Health Crisis.

Written by Maggie Bowles, Author for The Till.Co

“10 reasons how I am consciously staying in the present”

12 Steps by Mags

Guest Blogger on Refocus Advanced Restorative Recovery

“My challenge to comprehend the steps might have been my deranged brain from all the drugs and alcohol. After all, I could not read or write for quite some time not to mention the complete lack of any understanding of what a “spiritual principle” or a “spiritual awakening” was…”

“Rehab, Transcendental Meditation, and Learning to Use the Breath” 

Interview by Balance By Meghan

How I Healed my Relationship with my Parents 

Written by Maggie Bowles, Author for The Till.Co

“Healing my relationship with my parents has been some of the hardest work I ever performed…”

One Women’s Story

“With the freedom recovery has offered her, she has been able to explore her creative side and inspire others…”

Written by Vivian Gietz

Let’s create something together.