Tap Into

Tap Into

Tap into the infinite well within you filled of stars and galaxies.
The endless tunnel which connects you to everything that is.
Tap into the Universe within you that brings life to all that you can dream of.
The part of you which reminds you of your magic when you gaze the sparkles of the ocean seascape.
Tap into there and live from there, each moment to the next.

The Artists

The Artists

Finally we were alone and I got to know her.

What she liked and didn’t like. 

What she believed in and who she really was.  

Stillness took me to places I had never felt before.

I became aware of the power of her mind.

Alone, in its depths, sometimes felt like I was going to die. 

The loneliness turned into the mediation I needed to find my voice.

I told her, I will live as the artists she truely is.

To awaken others with the paintings of my hearts words.

I made the vow to live for her and not against any longer. 

Here & Now, Nowadays

Here & Now, Nowadays

How to put into words this time of time and nothingness – that is everything.
The feelings of living on the edge of a blank slate or just the sharp blade of a knife.

Growing pains piercing through the lower realms of worn out shadows and falling ghouls.
Sun rays seeping through the holes of her veil, as she’s soon be married as one.

We are everywhere in the universe and yet at the point of nowhere less of uncertainty.

So I say – It is and we are – just here and now, nowadays.



Her head swirls with overwhelming thoughts of new creative endeavors.
Her mind like that of Vishnus’ arms, clawing at new ideas.
She is after all a creator and a lover.
She’s a multidimensional and multi-passionate Being.
However, scattered and lost, but always blessed.
She finds a wise woman kind enough to guide her back home.
The wise women reminding her how simple it all really is.
She then let’s go and feels the calm.
The flow enters her Heart once again.
Her Soul at ease, she can retreat back home to her passion and to Love.

The Quickening.

The Quickening.

We live in a time, when a click equals clutter.

Over-full inboxs, over-full thoughts & smokey hazes on the horizon.

Time swirls like a hurricane as we survive like machines.

The Quickening stops for no thing.

In this time of madness, how do we carry on with eyes wide shut?

Dear sacredness, help, time is spinning us out.


The city feels nostalgic, for the memories of the sleepless nights and aimless wonders I once traveled.

The forest breaths me, It takes me back to the time when things were much simpler.

The tree’s whisper sweet nothings and I melt back to just that.

Nothingness, just that of star dust.

I Woke Up, In Your Dream.

I remember the day I woke up in your dream.
Your dream was for me to stay small.
I was sad for myself and others to realize I had been conditioned to stay contained in someone else’s vision.
Programmed only to make a move when there’s a green light from someone else, the one in charge.
Make sure to not make anyone feel uncomfortable with my outspoken thoughts and philosophies.
Stay straight in line.
Go to school, get good grades and get that job that will comfort me till I die.
Buy that stuff, I really needed it they said.
Have 2 kids with a two-floor house and put all your stuff in there.
What if that wasn’t my dream at all?
I was living someone else’s dream.
Living to make someone else rich.
My whole life
Till now
I woke up
And will never play small again.

You Are A Someone.

You Are A Someone.

You are the sum of everyone and an individual of The One
A holographic image, an illusion, only appearing separate from The One
You are the sum of the Stars and the Moons thoughout all the Galaxies, reflected back as One
There is no space and time between you and the rest of The One, only matter and Love
And what only matters is, We are from the same source of Love and You are a Someone

Free Bird.

Free Bird.

she flew through the shattered glass of her expectations. Each lover plucking at the wings of her essence.

As she healed, she dreamt of falling into the warmth of soft sweet grass.

Flying over the meadows of wild flowers, she danced in the wind, as the cool air breathed her.

Floral fields reminding her It is not their decision, but her own desire, as to which landing the free bird shall choose next.