A Mystic by definition “a follower of a mystical way of life and an advocate of a theory of mysticism.”



My work is to shift Fear into Love, in all my affairs. I am a Spiritual Being having a human experience and so are you. My job is to inspire and enlighten people on their spiritual and personal development journey.


As an Author I have weekly publications on my blog “Inner Divinity” and I will appear as a published co-author in “You Got this Modern Mama” arriving in 2020. My book “Waking Up Maggie”, which is a collection of poetry and prose, will also be completed and ready for publishing shortly in the future.


I had once traded my creative spark and magic for a taste of escape, from this world. I can remember the day I had gone so far, I could not even birth a creative idea if my life depended on it. This year I will be celebrating 5 years clean and sober from all mind and mood-altering substances.


After enduring my own “Dark Night of the Soul” and coming out on the other side. It is my moral obligation to share my experiences, strength and hope with you. My intention is to stimulate you spiritually and inspire you to get to know yourself on a deeper level. If you would like to contact me, please do so on the “Contact” page or by visiting my Instagram & Facebook.