Maggie Bowles

Author l Intuitive Guide & Healer I Certified Life Purpose Life Coach

Maggie Bowles is the rebellious mystical poet and co-author in the soon-to-be released “Her Unraveling.” She is a writer and brand ambassador for The Till, an online community dedicated to cultivating personal growth through positivity. Maggie is most passionate about helping others on their personal and spiritual development journey. She considers herself an Empath and Intuitive Guide. Her mission is to guide women into awakening and fearlessly embodying their truth. 

Maggie is a life- and soul-purpose enthusiast, as well as a certified Life Purpose Life Coach. She believes we’re all blessed with special and unique gifts that we are meant to share with this world. She also believes the only way we can keep what we have is by giving it away. Maggie has been studying mysticism and ancient teachings that promote these same ideas for over a decade. She became consciously connected with her spirituality at age nineteen when she first arrived at a detox center and participated in a 12-step program for her past dependencies to substances. 

Maggie is most proud of her inner-soul work and being a single mother to her beautiful son, Eli. As of this year, Maggie will be celebrating six years clean and sober. She also struggled for decades with depression and anxiety and has now recovered. She spent the past six years working through thick layers of trauma, guilt, and shame that she had carried from her younger years. She now knows her past experiences can help others heal, and there is no secret to magically changing your life except for doing the inner-work and connecting to Source. Her promise to you is life will begin to open up when you start living in your truth, stop waiting for someone to come to save you, and become your own savior.

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