The forbidden fruit

Some people believe the way she is, is because she hates herself, but she loves herself more than they’ll ever know.

Men leave her saying “I can’t do this” as she’s laughing, hanging halfway off the bed.

Fool her once – she’ll make sure she finds a way you’ll never forget her name and she can forgive yours.

She knows the life oh too well, of being chained to the mattress by cigarettes, bad comedy and depression.

She’s a threat to the rules, because she’s a women who creates her own world wherever she goes.

With just a bat of her brown eyes she will drag you into the ower realms of existence and have you question all that you preach.

Dark, filthy and obsessive – She hides her wicked ways from the aloof and ones who can’t handle the truth.

To be apart of her world is to be one body and dance within all the shades of the universe.

She’s the teacher of romancing shadows and kissing your ghosts – or you shall become them.