A Call From The Sacred

Time feels like it is going faster in our modern world of constant hustle, the daily grind and instant gratification. I’ve asked a few others “do you feel like time is going faster now?” All replying “yes”. I remember my ephiphony that time is an illusion. I came to this understanding in my past, while being a student to plant medicine, many moons ago. So, If time is an illusion, then how do we beat this overwhelming Feeling of being constantly busy? The answer I have been shown, is to make our lives sacred again.

Our “Time” is what is most valuable, that being what we focus our Energy towards. It is also the most overlooked and least understood currency. Learning to reprogram myself to spend my Energy on what really matters, has been a painful awakening. I am still learning each day, as more is being revealed. I use to spend my energy trying to fill the void with cheap thrills and quick fixes. Cutting the chords to my codependencies has brought me to ground zero. The foundation of rebuilding my temple (inner world) has been built upon Honesty, Open Mindedness and Willingness. Building solid grounds is a necessity to making our lives sacred again.

While Rebuilding my Temple I learned how to eat food with mindfulness and that of real nutrition. Find the silver linings, as well as show Gratitude for the Blessings and also the Lessons. Own my part, own my choices. Spend time with people who support me. Decorate my house with beauty and art that inspire me daily. Remembering to say “I love you”, to those I hold closest to my heart. Learning what really matters to me and then focusing in on that. All these practices will beat the overwhelming feeling of the quickening. Making your life sacred and rebuilding your inner Temple will lead you to a life of “being”, rather then constantly “doing.” Rebuild your Inner temple with the “time” we have today, decorate it with beauty and sacredness – you’re worth it.

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