Dance Where Fearless Love Exists

I want to Dance where fearless love only exists.
I’m done with sailing fast into the future, creating illusions and expectations.
I’m drained by drifting back, haunting myself with the resonance of deep wounds.
Deep repetitive reminders, of the scars left in my heart, from the stabbings of past lovers.
So, I started to Dance with myself where fearless love only exists.

Remember, dear one, do not keep reliving your unconscious decisions.
We all fall prey to failing the present with our tired beliefs.
The worn-out reel of Projection, reaction and devilish delusions.
We all fall short, we all run, we all hide sometimes.
But I want you to join me and dance where fearless love only exists.

All you have to do is choose again, choose love over fear.
Breathe through the feelings of all the unknown.
Let’s gey lost, be with me here, in the ever-unfolding Now.
We belong where the wild souls sway and swing.
So, babe, will you take a chance and risk it all and do this daringly dance with me?

Meet me in the abyss where fearless love only exists.