Loves Coven

There’s a shelter within my heart space that I’ve built for you.
It has a strong foundation built on self-love, balance and which has no doors.
You are free to come at any time and free to leave as you please, the only requirement for admission is that your shelter also has no doors.
Let us respect our sacred spaces, by removing our shoes when entering and by leaving each other’s hearts better than when we arrived.
know I am always here for you, without conditions, without doors.
For I know whatever is real cannot be trapped, behind closed doors of control, because fear is the ice that dulls a flame.
I long for Love that is breezy and that is as cool and free as the air we breathe.
It took many lessons and lifetimes to clear a space for our masculine and feminine energy to twist and twine in a sensual dance.
So I patiently sit quietly, but yet yearn, to flow freely throughout each other’s sacred shelters.

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