Gone too far, but richer than most.

Have you ever taken things too far? You started something good, only to want more.

The more you wanted the more the gaping hole inside you grew. Nothing was good enough, only the idea of more.

You forgot what was around you, as the emptiness inside you pushed everything away from planes’ site.

Your mind focused on only lack, all though you lived in a swap of material possessions.

It was not what you had, but what you didn’t have.

What everyone else had and you didn’t.

You forgot how much you already had stacked all around you.

Words of people muffled past you like sharp wind.

Your mind focused on more and anything but Here.

Nothing ever good enough, because anything was better than Here.

The Now made you cringe, cringe in discuss.

People and everything made you feel red and hot.

Life had turned against you, you thought.

Life had chosen everyone but you, but life does not forget anyone. Life is always rigged towards your ascension.

Sometimes lessons need to make you wail in the night, till you’ve had enough pain.

So the pain grows deep enough you surrender back into the Now.

So you can begin to see with your eye and not your eyes, once again, what is real.

So you can surrender to where you belong, on your path and leave others paths alone.

For that is there’s to walk and yours is for your feet only to trek.

That pain, is Love from the universe pushing you back onto your path.

Now you can see you have more than enough.

You are rich, richer than most.

Rich with peace, strength, joy, laughter and health.

You thank the universe for the lesson and smile at your path being made more clear.

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