I’d Rather Dance Alone

I’m coming to accept that I’m different. I like to walk the straight and narrow. I like the challenge, I like the rewards. I like levelling up and meeting new people in new dimensions of life. I want to live like the 5% and think like them too. I’d rather be brave, than cool in this world.

I want to be a leader and I realize that in order to make a difference, not everyone is going to like you. People don’t like change, it scares them. Change excites me. As a visionary, I see this world being a Utopia one day and I don’t care if you think I’m crazy. It’s my mission, with this vision, to change fear into Love.

I use to hold back from coming out of the spiritual closet because I thought people would think I’m crazy, now I realize we are all crazy. I have compassion for people who watch the news and live in fear and never attempt to master their dreams. To the ones who call spirituality woo woo. God either is or isn’t. It’s your loss in fear, not mine, I’m not taking it personally anymore.

I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t watch TV, don’t read magazines, don’t watch horror movies, I don’t put my kid on social media, I eat organic, I don’t have casual hookups, I also don’t have a lot of friends or followers. I’m different and I like it.

The straight and narrow is the life for me. Like I said I’d rather be brave than cool and there’s a value in being disliked, it means your authentic. You see, I would just rather dance alone, then play pretend any longer.

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