Letter to Peterson.

Dear Mr. Jordan Peterson,

In your current published literature, 12 Rules for Life, I have found my past self been spoken of far too often. As if the book was written for me and about me. I was the lobster that would back away from a fight, a low bottom feeder number one and an agoraphobic depressed person. All though to date, the current ranking has changed and now a more domineering lobster winning against battle, your words have immensely strung on my heartstrings. How could all my unanswered questions about anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia go unanswered through years of professional evaluation and therapies, be answered in one short chapter? It is if the words of God have been placed at your fingertips for the typing and production of this book, quite like the new age Bible if you will. I couldn’t help myself but to playback the tapes of being agoraphobic and the insanities it traps you within the walls of your home and mind. Living the desperation and existential thoughts and behaviors of a number one type of person may haunt my memory forever. On the contrary, I do feel a large amount of responsibility and passion, due to those experiences, to help others lift their ranking as well. Especially those who have been attacked and attracted to the narcissists and sociopaths, do to their low levels of serotonin. I agree with your theories, philosophies, and proposal for a new way of living. The way forward is to make our lives sacred again. Just like much of the teachings of the Ying and the yang, to balance both our Worldly duties and the laws of the Universe in our daily reality. Additionally, rather than the pursuit of happiness, the pursuit of radical acceptance for all that is not of our control and putting a foot forward in action to change what we can at any given moment. Be bold and unapologetic in all that we do, with morals and bravery. Lastly, global and social change starts with individuals taking responsibility for their actions. It is not our responsibility for the bad things that happen to us, but our responsibility to change our reactions to them. Will we let the bad things that happened to us keep us as the lobster that continually back away from life? Or will we take responsibility for our ranking and set forth the change needed, because the truth is no one else will. I look forward to the second rule for living. Thank you for your teaching “Stand up straight with your shoulders back.”


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