Suzy and The Sunflowers.

Suzy was sad and everyone on the block called her “Sad Suzy.”

Suzy wanted a garden, like the prize homes down the street, more than anything in the world. So, she cut back and dig up all the previous growth, on her front lawn. She planted some seedlings from a packet with a picture of a flower that made her feel hope. She waited until the buds finally opened.

“This is not what I had in mind.” She said. As she looked from above the pink blooms.

So she cut them all down and started again. This time she sowed some seeds from a packet with a picture that made her feel happy.

Over time the flowers bloomed into Sunflowers. Suzy stared at them in frustration. They did not bring her the anticipated feeling of happiness she was so longing for, so she cut them down.

Sad Suzy was depressed and frustrated that her flowers did not turn out how she liked and that her garden was looking worse than ever. She melted to the ground sopping in her own tears and yelled:

“I fucking give up!”

Suzy gave up on her dreams. No more perfect garden, like the picture-perfect homes down the street. No more garden at all.

As time passed wildflowers started to creep around the front of the house, from the unkempt gardens from the side of her home. Uncounted for seeds started to bloom. sunflowers and pink peonies in unorganized patterns.

Passer Byers began to stop and admire the beautiful mess of floral patches. One man from the street said, “pink and yellow together, that’s a bit peculiar and I like it!”

Suzy had been so focused on her losses. She had not even realized the whimsical array of floral decorations, that had bloomed on their own accord, in front of her home.

One day Suzy was looking out the window and spotted some neighbors, pointing and talking about her garden, on the sidewalk.

She turned red in embarrassment and fury and closed the blinds. In her rage, she decided she was going to burn the house down.

She grabbed gasoline from the basement and stormed up to the front of the house.

When she walked down the front steps and turned the corner of the stoops, to finally face her failures. She dropped the can of gasoline. Covered her mouth and grasped.

She could not believe what lay in front of her. The most spectacular sight of sunflowers, peonies, Daisy’s and lavender twisted together. Delicately Coddling the front of her house with grace.

Suzy broke down crying, she has never seen anything so beautiful.

Suzy’s heart burst with happiness and hope for the first time ever.

Her neighbor yelled over the fence “beautiful sunflowers what is your secret” She replied under her breath and tears “Give up your dreams.”

She believed from that point on there was magic on earth and the flowers loved her, even if she couldn’t Love herself.

A R T by Lauren B Careful

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