Sometimes, We all Push Too Hard.

Have you pushed too hard into what you thought was right? Only to flair with frustration.

This is your sign to halt and sit up straight.

Be the portal to all that is. Sit in the space of silence and hear Her whispers.

Take the words she so gracefully tingled into your senses and run to the wind.

Risk it all, for a chance at Joy.

You may lose all that you thought was right.

All though, in the end, you will find what’s truly real.

Being courageous will lead you back to your Soul.

So you decide, is it worth the gamble?

Or will you shrivel back into your shell, like a slug to salt.

Free Will allows you to stay seated in your rage.

Take the risk.

You can always return back to pushing.

Pushing against the current, that is trying to bring you home.

Art by James Nares titled “Change Up”

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