Dance in Freedom.

It can seem like there’s a hard side and a soft side to life. The ying and the yang, although, opposite sides to the same coin. I’ve tried to solely live in the soft, which in the long run, hardened me. You can’t run from life, it will always catch up to you and the farther you run the louder it will get. Throughout my short journey here, i’ve learned you can’t avoid one side or the other. The sweet nectar of life and magic has been savoured through acceptance of both. Also in knowing the duality has a purpose for now.

I dance in freedom, when I wash away the labels of good and bad. What are you labeling as right or wrong in your life? Is it hindering you from just Being? We can experience freedom through accepting with gratitude, that all is happening for our greatest good, whether we understand it or not. Always trust this and more will always be revealed.

When we become too sharp, too rigid, too square we cut off the flow of the Universe and the Divine plan. When we try to fit in a box we are lying to ourselves, that we are different and separate. The truth is, your power lies in knowing you are always connected to everything. Everything that is and will always be, at all times. One day we will all wake up to the fact that I am you and you are me, we are Love. I want a new way of living and I know you do too, so lets dance.

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