The Raw Womyn Revolution.

The new Archetype of Womyn is currently being embodied into existence. She is fierce and she is feminine. She is organic. She bares her flaws her natural curves. The truth she glows is repelling the past shackles women once grew fond of.

She’s cracking Societal norms as she grows her hair long to show her womanly maturity. Her scent of ambition and fierce sweat frightens the ones in charge.

Bare nails, bare faces, no masks. Customary men shake in fear of her. As they grab at any last strings to withhold her body as theirs, criminalizing her free will. But this does not frighten the Raw Womyn, for it only makes the Lioness in her grow stronger.

She has the Universe on her side and speaks only with her Heart. She follows no one. She is the leader, directing other women back home. Home to their unique and divine energetic signature, illuminating their God given effortless Beauty and Grace.

The time is Now, behold the Raw Womyn Revolution.