Polluted Mind, Polluted Earth.


There is no denying the current state of the planet, is merely a reflection of current state of our minds as a collective. Both round in shape, both polluted with toxic energy, waste and thoughts. How can anyone act as if they are completely happy in this state of collective Mind state and Earth? To be unconcerned, is to be insane. To be unaware is to be asleep.

I understand there are no problems, only situations. This is a huge situation, this is The Situation. The lands of our Ancestors are being poisoned. Our children are losing their oceans to swim in, among other natural inheritances. We’ve chosen convenience and money, over Love and Life.

We’ve become so obsessed with plastic. So much that we’ve started to surgically¬†inject it into ourselves. For what? To avoid accepting ourselves as we are. This is the type of insanity of the mind, that is running wild and contaminating our planets life force. Denial of self, is to also deny the Life that is around you.

As a collective we’ve shifted over thousands of years into a state of living that has constant noise and doing. We are uncomfortable with Being. Only some even know what Being is. Irritable and discontent we stuff our bodies and planet with waste. Meaningless sex, alcohol, toxins, and unneeded food. I know, because I’ve been there.

We must wake up from the slavery and slumber of our minds. If not for you, then for the planet, for your Ancestors and for the children. We must as a collective focus on Healing our minds and Souls first. This in return will emanate outwardly and Heal our planet. As your Consciousness grows, your respect and integrity grow. For yourself and then consequently for the planet as well. Surrender to the daily battles in your mind. Haven’t you had enough yet? Dissolve your labels and attachments, melt your Ego away. The time is Now.


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