Jealousy, Our Hearts Desires.

Why do we have ill feelings towards the person we are jealous of? When in fact it is us betraying Ourselves. Its is us denying our Souls of what we really want and what the other person already has. We are lacking action to achieve our ambitions, we are silencing our Souls Call.

When we feel jealous, this is a flag sent from our Hearts Desires, waving us down. That person has what I want and I’m not letting myself have it. It is only us who holds ourselves back and it is the journey from our head to the Heart that is the hardest. But if you can endure the ride, it will be the journey most worth travelling.

If “A peaceful mind gives life to the body, but jealousy rots the bones.” (Proverbs 14:30) Then we are simply rotting away, not acting on our Hearts Desires. Instead of wrath towards another, who already has what we want, why not gratitude? After all, they’re your best teacher. They’re showing you, you are deceiving yourself. You are robbing yourself of your true potential.

You are meant to loose yourself on the journey, but don’t give up on yourself in the process. Remember we are all in this together, guiding each other home. we are all One, we are all Love at our core.


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