A tool to guide you Home.

“A healer is not someone you go to for healing, a healer is someone who triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself.” – unknown

I believe we are all Intuitive Beings and we all have the ability to Self Heal. This is something we can accept in our minds, but don’t always believe in our hearts. I was a trying Believer for years. I constantly heard things like “all the answers are within you.” Which I knew was true, but couldn’t fully connect with the stream of answers and guidance from within, that I had known about.

It never occurred to me that this struggle was caused by me defeating myself, ignoring myself. I was constantly distracting myself with outside noise and chaos. It wasn’t until I started to detox my outer world, Inner wellbeing and take time out of my day to sit in silence, I started to realize the Voice was always there. I was just not listening. Meditation is my favourite Self Healing tool and self care routine. It’s where I can Reconnect, Realign and tap into the Creative Stream of Consciousness the Universe has to offer you.

I cannot talk enough about how this Practice has increased the quality of my life. I want to encourage everyone to try sitting in silence, even if its just for one day or even one week. If you have tried in the past and felt lost or unsure you were doing it “right”. I have a helpful tool I would like to share with you.  Its an app called “insight timer.” It’s a free app you can get on your phone, with guided meditations and so much more. This is a great way to start your meditation journey. I hope this tool can help assist you on your adventure back home, to your inner voice, your Inner Divinity.


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