I thought I had missed my window of opportunity to do my spring cleaning, but thankfully I have scored a second wind. New Moon in Aries Energy is swiftly supporting me in my self care endeavours at the moment. Not only has is it assisted me in organizing my house to a T, it’s also clearing and setting Fire to my Chakras. Especially my throat Chakra, Ive become a Fire breathing dragon, for better or for worse.

In the past, I have used the weather and clouds as metaphors for my thoughts and thought processes. Especially in times of darkness’s and despair. Ive reminded myself that the weather is only temporary and it will pass just as the airy clouds do. I recently stumbled upon an old fashion speaker tape, titled “Worry.” The tape was filled with wonderful elemental metaphors for our emotions and emotional processes. The speaker used the seasons, such as Summer as happiness and Winter as sadness.

The tape talked about maximizing our powerful abilities and energy during the warmer more enjoyable seasons. As well as learning how to weather the storm and keep dry, to the best of our abilities, in the grey more cold wet seasons. I absolutely loved this message and it struck a chord in me. This served as a reminder to myself, to honour my eternal emotional weather, rather then whats going on outside for everyone else. It reminded me how to best suit my daily activities and be present for and with my Emotions.

During seasons of sunshine with inspiration, do things such as create and clean house. My literal house and Emotional Temple. Take that driving force of warm kinetic energy and run with it. When its grey and sensitive, fully nurture and replenish that space and feeling. Fill it with loving kindness. Forcing and pretending its Summer all the time just doesn’t work for me anymore. I am constantly Amazed how Gracefully the Universe sends exactly what I need, when I need it, in the most unusual unsuspected packages.

Fire Energy is present, so use it to the best of your ability. For me, that looks like totally organizing internally and externally. As well as speaking my Truth and Realigning with my Higher Self after weathering some gloomy days. How will you best take advantage of this High Voltage mood and Cherry Blossom weather? I hope you tap in and reap all the Energetic and Emotional rewards it has to offer. Love you all.

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