“Make a plan, make God laugh.”

I had all the intentions in the world to write a creative piece this weekend. It was going to be all about the class, Working with Crystals, I had attended. The Universe had different plans for me. I had an impromptu visit from a new friend and a sharp heating sensation growing in my chest. The visit was enjoyable, but the fire started to burn like razor blades in my throat. Morphing into the Flu and complete body exhaustion.

Still having the narrative in my head about writing the anticipated post. I felt frustrated and defeated. I could not physically muster up the strength to write and express what I wanted to say. After trying to force a post out of my system, a horrible nights sleep and a doctors visit. I came to the humbling realization, to once again accept my physical limitations and perfectly-Imperfect Humanness.

As much as I want to write posts daily, the Cosmos are saying slow down and more will be revealed. Maybe a new direction, or maybe to realign my writing with the Authenticity of my Soul. Who knows, whatever it may be, Im putting my Ego in check. Slowing down, being patient and taking time to heal. Lastly, throwing all my expectations of what I think is suppose to happen… out the window and Surrendering, once again, to the Divine plans of the Universe.

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