Love, A Story of Transcendence

As I sat on my living room floor, crossed-legged, ready to enter a meditation practice. I did not expect the entrancing experience I was about to encounter. It was the first of January this year, I had been practicing sitting in silence for just over four years. I started the routine shortly after resigning substances with intoxicating potencies. My Meditation journey began with repeating single words in my head, starting with “Love.” Lying in my bed, at the Treatment Centre, I would repeat “Love, Love, Love…” My mind would naturally escape to some absurd story. The beginners battle with the Ego mind. That day however, I started to really focus in on my breath. Focusing became more natural at this point. As I got lost in the inhalation and exhalation of my breaths, my mind went blank. I Transcended above my physical body, still connected with a stream of consciousness. Being separate, but still very much apart. My complete Awareness coming from my Higher Self. I was solely looking at Me from the perspective of my Higher Self. An absolute speculation that I was Whole. A Divine creation. The Ego mind then kicked in. Thinking about thinking. Thinking about what was happening. I sunk back into my physical shell. Exalted by the experience I had just witnessed. I felt like I had finally done “It.”I’ve tried many times to replicate that same occurance and have not succeeded. To some, this might sound unsettling and to others Hopeful. For myself, I crave more. Meditation is a practice and a journey. Each sitting and the evolution of those singular sittings, all strung together. There is never a destination. Theres only more deepening , more connecting. Softening of our Hearts. Its the journey of remembering what we truly are, Love.

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