Today I woke up with an electric current running through my veins. With the Sun entering Aries at 2:58 and the Spring Equinox also taking place, the lively Energy had me buzzing. Entering the realms of anxiety, I was feeling intoxicated by the new dawn of Spring and Aries energy. To top it all off with even more excitement, The Full SuperMoon was to bloom in Libra at 6:43.

Around mid-day, my head was in a complete spin. I took a few minutes to sit in silence. During the meditation it came clear to me, I was being called to Gaia, to realign my Inner Divinity. I listened to a Root Chakra composition, of soothing instrumentals, then headed to the park. There I sat in the grass, with my feet on the ground. The warm blanket of Spring all around me. I felt rooted in Her again.

During Sunset I went on a walk, to end the day. I said “thanks” to Luna for all she does. While walking, I kept looking up at her. Admiring and acknowledging Her Beauty and Wholeness. Appearing extra bold, She illuminated the night sky with her Super presence. Being softened by each breath of the first Spring night air. I ended the evening Grounded and Balanced in true Libra Essence.

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