Awakening Shakti.

Yesterday I met the powerful Feminine Energy that is Shakti. I attended a small intimate women’s circle, with the intention to find inspiration to create and establish more connections. We danced, we chanted, we shared, supported and bathed ourselves in loving vibrations. It was a journey of nourishment for the Women’s soul. An individual and collective awakening of Her Universal Energy Force (Shakti). The Tea Lounge, where the ceremony was held, welcomed you with homemade Chia and sweet little cocoa-maca balls.

Once we finished the savoury goodies we moved into the second room where the ritual began. Being exclusive and sacred I won’t share too much detail. I will however share my favourite keep sake of the day and mental picture. We all sat in a circle holding our hands in a Moodra over our Heart Space. The facilitator guided us through a Divine Chant, she kept count with her beaded Mala. We repeated the Mantra 108 times, delicately, she strung each wooden bead along keeping us on track. The collective of our voices emanating a vibration that could hum you to sleep and awakened your soul to dance all at once.

The event was polished off with a one hour Sound Bath. We all relaxed in Shavasna while the fullness of sounds and vibrations washed over us. Waking refreshed and serene we were gifted a Nourished Women swag bag filled with handcrafted souvenirs and a gratitude letter. This experience left me feeling inspired by Women, Spirit, Gaia and my own Inner Divinity. I would highly recommend this Ceremony to other women interested in awakening and embodying the powerful Feminine Energy of Shakti within herself.

Contact Abneet Sanhar (Holistic Nutritionist + Chef + Feminine Embodiment Coach) to take part in Ceremonies such as “Awakening Shakti” and other nourishing rituals.

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