The Connection Hunger

The Connection Hunger

I’m not over life, I’m just over this new normal.

I crave touching hands and feeling your softened calluses.

I crave the fling in my chest from the base of your voice.

I crave the silk touch of your newly grown out hair.

I crave the electric presence of your energy next to mine.

I crave how time can melt away when we’re in our wholeness.

I crave taking off this mask and feeling our human connection once again.

Starseed Homesickness

Starseed Homesickness

I saw what the humans were doing.

They were following false prophets.

Chasing paper in the wind.

Starving themselves to disapear.

I saw what the humans were doing and it made me cry.

They were killing each other.

Calling each other names.

Stabbing each other in the back.

I saw what the humans were doing, so I got down and prayed.

They sold their souls.

They sold out their gifts.

They forgotten who they were.

I saw what the humans were doing and I wanted to go home.

Exhausted Stardust

Exhausted Stardust

& what if even the exhaustion has its purpose.
To wear us down, to stop us from trying so hard.
To teach us to just be ourselves again.
Without the mask, without the chase to be loved or accepted.
& what if its purpose was to cause us pain.
To force us to give in and give up.
To surrender to something new and something better.
Maybe into how we were meant to live?
I think I’m in too deep and I must come back.
We must come back, come back to us and the flow of the Universe.
Things will be easier there, inflow and in harmony with our natural-cosmic-selves.

The uninspired

The uninspired

I long to be inspired once again, for this nihilistic perspective to melt away.

For the thawing of my woes, for my wings to soar, for thy cup to runneth over.

The ups and downs are hard to swallow, though life is a winding road in which I want to walk straight.

But what richness and ripeness would that bring to the taste of life?

The zip and zag, Push and pull duality allows me to appreciate the darkness behind the stars and the warmth in contrast to winter.

I pray to the sun that gives me life and I set my intention to be inspired once again.

Knowing the tide will always crash to the mercy of my feet, waiting in anticipation for you at the warm shoreline.

Head To Your Heart

Head To Your Heart

They told me my body wasn’t perfect, so I found a way to love it harder.

They told me I was depressed, so I found a way to be happy.

They told me I was anxious, so I found a way to become calm.

They told me I’m a failure at english, so I became a writer.

They told me I was a drunk, so I became sober.

They told me I am a lot of things.

Now they’re telling me the air is unsafe, so I’ve begun to breathe deeper.

This is called the journey from your head to your heart.

Don’t let anyone tell you who you are.

Question everything.

& Remember you are your own saviour.

The Ride

The Ride

You’re either rising by letting go, or falling by getting caught up.

But have you ever felt the space in between the dimensions?

If you can expand your awareness to the feeling of energy,

you can catch yourself on the ride next time.

Feel into the sinking or the lifting of your body, mind and soul.

Take charge of the journey and reins of your ship.

‘Cause All is possible in this floating world of endless potentialities.



Don’t you see there’s a place for everything?
You’re no less or no more than anyone.
There is more than enough Love to go around
& that your purpose is just a state of flow.
You were never forgotten.
You were never on the wrong path.
You were just without flow.
& To know you’re in your purpose is to know…
There was a special place made for everything.

Tap Into

Tap Into

Tap into the infinite well within you filled of stars and galaxies.
The endless tunnel which connects you to everything that is.
Tap into the Universe within you that brings life to all that you can dream of.
The part of you which reminds you of your magic when you gaze the sparkles of the ocean seascape.
Tap into there and live from there, each moment to the next.

The New Place

The New Place

Welcome to the new place, a place you’ve never been to before – A space amidst the roads of two worlds.
Keep pushing through the narrow canal, to enter the new dimension spotted on the horizon.
Release the clench to your old self and drop the shackles forbidding you from flying higher.
You may be worn out from fighting the shadows of your mind, but this is no time to go back to sleep.
Quiet the static, show them what you see and remember you were made for this.